Installation Requirements Of Solar Photovoltaic System

- May 24, 2018 -

1. The installation requirements of solar photovoltaic power generation system:

Make sure your house is suitable for residential solar systems. To install the roof solar system, we must first assess the firmness, area and sunness of the roof. The size of the house has little impact on the cost of the installation, but before estimating the exact cost, the total quantity of household consumption and the proportion of solar power must be determined.

2, solar panels should face west instead of facing south.

Installing solar panels on the roof is usually told to face south. But researchers found that facing Xi'an was the most cost-effective. The research is aimed at the United States, and the electricity price in the United States is charged by the ladder, the electricity peak is more expensive, the afternoon and the evening are the peak of electricity consumption, the electricity bill is more expensive than the morning, the electricity produced by the solar energy is more valuable.

If the west is facing the west, the peak power will come when the electricity is more valuable in the afternoon, researchers say.

If facing west, after five p.m., the power generation power of the battery board still has the peak power of 55%; if the surface faces south, the power generation power is only 15% of the peak power. Installing the sun tracker enables the panel to always face the sun, which can increase output by 45%, but the high cost of the tracker completely counteracts its benefits.

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