Galvanized Solar Stand

Material:Hot dip galvanized steel and Aluminum 6005-T5
Max. wind load: 45m/s
Max. snow load: 1.5kn/㎡
Tilt angle: Customized from 5° to 60°
Warranty: 10 years on material
Application: Solar panel ground mounting

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Product Details

Description of Galvanized Solar Stand

Bristar designs and manufactures galvanized solar stand for PV panel mounts. With hot dipped galvanization, the materials are strong and cost-effective.    

Ground Screw Foundation of Galvanized Solar Stand

 Ground Screw Foundation of Galvanized Solar Stand (1).JPG

Ground Screw Foundation of Galvanized Solar Stand (2).JPG

Galvanized Solar Stand For Pole Mount

 Galvanized Solar Stand For Pole Mount.JPG

The Information We Need to Design Galvanized Solar Stand Solution

1. Specification of solar panels (dimension (length * width * thickness)) and quantity.
2. Panel tilt angle?
3. Max wind load and snow load in installation site?
4. Lowest distance between solar panels and field?
5. Any plan of layout, landscape or portrait?

6. How about the installation ground size (length * width)?

7. What foundation do you need? Ground screw foundation or ballast foundation?

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