Solar Panel Mounting Components

Product Name: Solar panel mounting components
Material:Hot dip galvanized steel and Aluminum 6005-T5
Max. wind load: 60m/s
Max. snow load: 1.5kn/㎡
Tilt angle: Customized from 5°to 60°
Warranty: 10 years on material
Application: Solar panel ground, roof, and pole mount.

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Product Details

Description of Solar Panel Mounting Components

Solar panel mounting components are used to secure your solar panel array to a surface and can also be used to optimized your solar panel’s energy production through it angle and direction. The type of solar panel mounting components that would be required for an array are completely dependent on the specific surface of which the array is being attached. Overall, the purpose of a PV module mounting system is to position a solar panel in the right location so that it can be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight. This is usually at a right angle and should face south or southwest. The solar panel mounting components can be completely customized to facilitate the effective positioning of the attached solar panel array to meet these parameters. We offer different types of components to meet different types of mount requirement, which are for ground, different roofs, and also, we offer pole mount. Either you need the components for whole mounting system or part of the system, we can supply as per your requests.   

Project Overview of Solar Panel Mounting Components


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Metal Roof

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Tile Roof

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