Australia's Solar Roof Power Generation Reaches New Heights Renewable Energy Develops Rapidly

- Jun 30, 2018 -

People's Daily Sydney, June 26, according to the "Sydney Morning Herald" reported that Australia's solar rooftop installations installed a single month record high. It is estimated that by 2020, the amount of renewable energy generated will reach one-third of the total electricity generated in the country.

According to the monthly report released by Australia’s Green Energy Market Organization, in May, Australia’s total of 19,000 small-scale solar roof power installations were installed and put into use, generating 131 megawatts of power for use by approximately 38,000 households. In response, Tristan Editis, head of the organization, said that the solar rooftop power generation in May this year has reached a record high, exceeding the record of 127 megawatts of newly added solar roof power generated in March this year.

According to statistics, from January to May of this year, the new generation of power generated by the installation of solar roofing equipment in Australia reached 600 megawatts. This figure is about 3 points for the power generated at Liddell Coal Power Plant in New South Wales. One of about.

The report said that the multiple favorable policies from the Australian government have promoted the solar roof power generation industry to some extent. The Queensland government announced earlier that it will provide a qualified owner of a minimum of A$4500 for qualifying landlords who apply for the installation of solar-powered roof-mounted generators, and the borrower can repay it in installments over seven years.

The Australian Energy Market Committee has also issued a draft on the establishment of registration measures for solar roof power plants to assist in energy planning, power generation forecasting and grid operation.

In May this year, renewable energy power generation accounted for nearly 20% of the total power generation in Australia, providing power protection for 9 million Australian households. The largest share of hydroelectric power generation was generated at 1,535 gigawatt-hours, followed by wind and solar energy, which were 1,387 GWh and 546 GWh, respectively.

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