Photovoltaic Power Generation Has Become The Second Largest Power Source Of Zhejiang Power Grid

- Oct 05, 2018 -

From the Policy Department of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., as of the end of August 2018, the province's total social caliber new energy installed capacity reached 13.665 million kilowatts, of which distributed photovoltaics 10.643 million kilowatts, an increase of 55.44%, the country's first one

On the top of the China Leather City Building in Haining, Zhejiang, a 3.6 MW photovoltaic power generation project is under continuous sunlight.

In the summer just recently, the high temperature in a large area of Zhejiang continued to rise, and the electricity consumption continued to rise, and the electricity consumption situation showed a tight balance. Zhejiang Power Grid has a maximum power load of more than 80 million kilowatts. Among the 80 million kilowatts, wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy power generation output reached 6 million kilowatts, of which photovoltaic power generation is about 4 million kilowatts.

In the first half of this year, photovoltaic power generation in Zhejiang Province showed a rapid growth trend, forming a centralized and distributed development, and the installed capacity has surpassed that of hydropower, becoming the second largest power source for Zhejiang Power Grid. It is estimated that by 2020, Zhejiang will add 3.2 million kilowatts of distributed photovoltaics, and the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation in Zhejiang will exceed 8 million kilowatts, accounting for 10% of the province's power capacity.

Photovoltaic power generation installations are installed on the roofs of most villagers' buildings in Pengdun Village, Haining City, Zhejiang Province.

The rapid growth of photovoltaic power generation has also brought a lot of challenges to the power grid. Due to the uncertainty of wind, light and water resources, it is necessary to reserve more positive and negative spare capacity, which intensifies the peaking pressure of Zhejiang Power Grid. During the peak summer period, the Zhejiang company's control center took multiple measures, prioritized the dispatch of renewable energy, and fully implemented the policy of full guarantee of consumption. Strengthen basic work such as renewable energy account management, load forecasting, and renewable energy power generation forecasting, and accurately grasp the operational characteristics of renewable energy.

At the same time, in the case of ensuring the peak power consumption of the power grid, optimize the operation mode of the power grid, carry out orderly mediation of coal-fired units, reduce the mode of power-on and start a space for renewable energy generation. In addition, it actively applied for the reverse peak regulation of extra-high voltage DC power outside the province, reduced the peaking pressure of coal-fired units in the province, ensured the full consumption of renewable energy in the province, and avoided “abandoning wind, abandoning light and abandoning water”. As of the end of August, this year's wind power generation in Zhejiang Province was 1.941 billion kwh, a cumulative increase of 26.66%; photovoltaic power generation was 6.344 billion kwh, an increase of 86.47%.

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