2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Promises to Use 100% Renewable Energy

- Jun 26, 2018 -

According to the foreign media SlashGear report, the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee announced in 2020 that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will fully use renewable energy. In addition, the organization has promised that the services it uses will eventually result in 99% of game products being reused or recycled. Assuming these ambitious goals are fully realized, this will be an unprecedented change in the history of the Olympic Games.                                                                                         

According to the "Japan Times" news, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee officials announced the news. Olympic events that attract global audiences have been criticized for producing large amounts of waste. By promising to use completely renewable energy and reusable commodities, officials hope that this will be a catalyst for change.

According to reports, the 100% renewable target will also be related to the main news center of the event, the International Broadcast Center and the athlete's Olympic Village. According to an “Independent” report, Japan currently plans to purchase renewable energy from the company that sells the product, in addition to installing solar panels to help generate energy. Although most of the goods required for the Tokyo Olympics will be rented or rented, there may be situations where things need to be purchased.

In that case, officials said that they will ensure that recipients receive and use these items before the end of the Olympic Games. Officials plan to defeat the London Olympics with a 65% recovery rate.

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