Common roof solar mounting bracket form

- Aug 12, 2018 -

1, flat roof fixed form

The flat roof solar mounting system is suitable for outdoor or flat roof loads.

Basic type

Basic flat roof fixing solar bracket


1. Applicable to any specification of crystalline silicon components and some thin film components;

2. The mounting surface is pre-buried with anchor bolts or similar cement foundation;

3. Design the installation angle according to actual needs.

Negative heavy

Negative heavy flat roof fixing solar mounting structures


1. It does not damage the original waterproof layer and does not require waterproof treatment;

2. Applicable to any specification of crystalline silicon components and some thin film components;

3. Install an adjustable weight frame on the bottom frame, and place cement blocks, stones, etc. on the bottom frame;

4. Design the installation angle according to actual needs.

Baffle type

Baffle type flat roof fixing solar panel mounting bracket


1. Suitable for flat roofs with small load;

2. The installation angle of the component is 10-15°;

3. The deflector material is made of stainless steel or aluminum-plated magnesium-zinc plate;

4, do not destroy the original roof, do not worry about water leakage.

Color steel tile roof installation system

The roof of the color steel plate is mostly installed in a non-penetrating manner such as a buckle, a dark buckle or a seam, and a penetrating installation can be adopted in a special case.

First understand what is the color steel roof: steel that has been cold-rolled or cold-rolled. The steel plate is made of organic coated steel sheet (or colored steel sheet), galvanized steel sheet, anticorrosive sheet steel (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel sheets.

Color steel tile

Angle type

Common color steel tile fixing seat assembly

Installation Precautions

1. Firstly, the roof or the bamboo board construction plank is repaired on the roof to avoid the second handling of the material and directly step on the roof panel, which causes the roof panel to deform and the sealant to be disengaged and leaking;

2. Defining the position of the original structural roof rafter, and marking the specific position of the ink line; the connection between the bracket and the color steel plate must be at the position of the roof raft;

3. When the construction workers walk on the roof, they must wear insulated soft-soled shoes and walk the valley. Every day, the debris on the roof panel must be removed to prevent corrosion and scratching the roof panel.

4. All positions where sealing paste needs to be applied must not be missed. After the roofing panels are installed, all the sundries and iron filings on the roof are removed. If the roof panel coating is scratched, it must be repaired with special repainting paint. If the rivet and self-tapping screws are empty, they should be affixed with rivets and sealing paste at any time. The rubber gaskets should not be damaged.

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