Common solar ground racking form

- Aug 11, 2018 -

1, plug-in ground fixed form

Plug-in ground solar mounting bracket


1 The main body of the bracket is made of structural steel, the surface is hot dip galvanized, and the service life is more than 20 years;

2 The components have good compatibility and easy installation;

3 easy to maintain and maintain;

4 adaptability to the ground.

2. Ground truss type fixed form

Ground truss type fixing solar panel mounting bracket


1The use of spiral piles is easy to operate (other ground fixing methods can also be used);

2 adapt to a variety of different types of geology;

3 beams with reinforced aluminum guides;

4 aluminum rails are designed with slots for mounting components, and the assembly is easy to install and fix.

3, the ground single column fixed form

Ground single column fixed solar mounting  structures


1 Supporting aluminum guide rail specially designed for installing crystalline silicon components makes it easy to install and fix solar modules, reducing installation time;

2 The load-bearing parts such as columns and beams have been strengthened to meet the requirements of large working loads;

The wiring trough is integrated on the 3 beams to make the construction more convenient.

4, tracking bracket form

Single axis tracking

A tracking system that rotates around a one-dimensional axis such that the plane of the photovoltaic component is as perpendicular to the sun as possible.

Flat single axis tracking system

Oblique single axis tracking system

Structural features:

1. Self-balancing structure reduces mechanical wear and extends motor life;

2. Driven by slewing bearing reducer without gap;

3, the structure is simple, easy to install and maintain;

4. Make the consumable and consumable parts into standard products, and the motor maintenance and replacement are simple.

Control features:

1. Tracking the entire system without shadow blocking;

2. The tracking system has a nighttime self-back function;

3. Adopt time control mode according to the sun's running track;

4. It has the functions of strong wind and heavy snow protection to improve the safety performance of the power station;

5, with network monitoring functions, to achieve centralized control, suitable for large power stations.

Dual axis tracking

According to the control method, the two-axis tracking system can be divided into time-controlled type and light-controlled type.

According to the geographical location and local time, the incident angle of sunlight is calculated in real time, and the photovoltaic module is adjusted to a specified angle through a control system, which is also called an astronomical control mode or a clock control mode.

The incident angle of the sunlight is measured by the sensing device, thereby controlling the rotation of the photovoltaic component and tracking the incident angle of the sunlight, which is also called the light sensing control mode.

Mechanical part:

1. Unbiased structure: the center of gravity of the grid overlaps with the axis of the mechanical structure, maintaining the balance of positive and negative moments, reducing the power consumption of the motor and prolonging the service life of the machine and motor;

2. Weightlifting structure: reduce the vibration of the grid under running condition and improve the wind resistance performance;

3. Two sets of slewing bearings: good torque resistance and stable system.

Control section:

1. Automatic time-controlled tracking according to the astronomical algorithm of the sun's running track, with high tracking accuracy and no influence from the external environment such as weather;

2, standard industrial plug, with error-proof insertion, reverse insertion function, easy to install;

3. All external interfaces adopt photoelectric isolation measures, which have strong anti-interference ability and stable operation;

4, industrial communication interface, can easily constitute a monitoring network to achieve centralized control functions.

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