Comparison of common agricultural greenhouses and photovoltaic intelligent agricultural greenhouses

- Nov 11, 2018 -

(1) Ordinary agricultural greenhouses: let sunlight be projected in, and let less water and heat loss, so that an anti-season environment can be formed in the greenhouse.

(2) Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse: The photovoltaic power generation system, which is a combination of greenhouse greenhouse and roof technology, can not only ensure the normal operation of the facilities in the shed, but also increase the growth rate of plants. It is a combination of low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and tourism. New high-tech agro-ecological construction project.

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses are a new model for photovoltaic applications. Compared with the construction of centralized large-scale photovoltaic ground power stations, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse projects have many advantages:

(1) Meeting the demand for electricity in agriculture and generating power generation benefits

The use of power generation on the roof can meet the power demand of agricultural greenhouses, such as temperature control, irrigation, lighting, etc., and can also be sold to grid companies to realize the benefits and generate benefits for investment companies.

(2) Flexibility to create an environment suitable for the growth of different crops

By erecting solar panels with different light transmittances on agricultural greenhouses, it can meet the lighting needs of different crops, and can plant various high-value-added crops such as organic agricultural products and valuable seedlings, and can also achieve off-season planting and fine planting.

(3) A new path for green agricultural production

Compared with traditional agriculture, it pays more attention to the input of scientific and technological factors, pays more attention to management and management, and pays more attention to the improvement of the quality of laborers. As a new type of agricultural production and management mode, it promotes the promotion and application of regional agricultural science and technology. Agricultural science and technology and agricultural industrialization will become the pillar industries for regional agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.

(4) Effectively alleviate the contradiction between people and land and promote the sustainable development of social economy

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse power generation components use the roof of agricultural greenhouses, do not occupy the ground, and will not change the nature of land use, thus saving land resources. It can play an active role in effectively reducing the large reduction in cultivated land.

On the other hand, photovoltaic projects are built on the original agricultural land, and the land quality is good, which is conducive to the development of modern agricultural projects. The development of modern agriculture and supporting agriculture is conducive to the combination of the secondary and tertiary industries and the primary industry. And it can directly increase the economic income of local farmers.

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