Flat roof PV solar mounting bracket installation method

- Aug 23, 2018 -

1. First clean the roof debris, use the tape measure to measure the basic installation position on the roof, and place the foundation;

2. Use the impact drill to punch the cement foundation. The hole depth is determined according to the foundation thickness and the bolt length. The bolt diameter is M10. (The foundation is pre-embedded with bolts to treat the impurities on the threads);

3. Insert the expansion bolt into the hole, and use a non-metal hammer such as a wooden hammer or a hammer to gently tap the bolt into the hole, and the distance from the hole is 30mm;

4. Install the bottom beam or base, align the bottom beam hole or base hole with the bolt and tighten the nut with a wrench; (fix other base base according to the above method)

5. Measure the rear pillar installation position according to the bracket angle, and fix the base and the rear pillar with bolts;

6. Fix the inclined beam, use the angle connection and the rear pillar to fix, and connect the inclined beam to the base with bolts;

7. Fix the keel, determine the installation position of the keel according to the component mounting hole, the distance between the keel and the mounting hole is kept at ±100mm, the solar panel support frame at both ends of the assembly is 200-300mm away from the inclined beam, and the keel is fixed on the inclined beam by using the special-shaped nut;

8. Component installation, determine the installation height of the PV solar mounting before installation. The glass surface of the lower end of the component is 300mm away from the ground. Use the solar panel clamp to fix the component. First fix the lower clamp to prevent the component from slipping. The frame of the component is 20-30mm away from both ends of the keel. When fixing, two people need to cooperate, and use the wire drawing method or level to determine the overall parallelism of the components.

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