Don't be keen on getting PV solar mounting brackets on the cheap

- Aug 29, 2018 -

As we all know, solar photovoltaic power generation is a minimum 20-year long-term income project, then the number of "20" years is reflected. Photovoltaic solar stents are relatively fragmented. It requires more delicate workmanship, especially for tracking solar brackets. The quality of the weld is very important. The quality of the weld directly determines the quality of the galvanizing.

Photovoltaic solar panel support brackets

The three-dimensional steel solar mounting structure is engaged in the processing of tracking solar brackets, from the refinement of drawings to the assembly of components, and the quality of photovoltaic supports is strictly controlled. The designer carefully analyzes the drawings according to the drawings, and then purchases the raw materials of the solar brackets. This step is very important. The procurement staff of the company strictly purchases according to the list of drawings. The material materials and size requirements are strictly controlled, and they do not cut corners and falsify. The choice of solar support can not be cheap for a little, but loses the reputation of the industry.

Photovoltaic support column

When producing and processing photovoltaic solar panel mounting brackets, it can be understood as exquisite steel structure processing. Because the parts are relatively scattered, the production personnel must strictly follow the drawing design to ensure the quality of the products, especially for the quality of the holes and the quality of the welds. The company's quality inspectors conduct shift inspections to ensure product quality.

Circular tube numerical control drilling

The final step is to package and ship the photovoltaic solar brackets. The products are classified according to the list. For some scattered solar bracket accessories, the packaging box is marked, and the product name and quantity are marked on the box to prevent product loss during transportation.

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