Maintenance that cannot be ignored in photovoltaic power plants

- Oct 17, 2018 -

1. Photovoltaic panel cleaning

Photovoltaic panels that have not been cleaned for a long time will accumulate a large amount of dust on the surface. Even if it is raining, since the installation angle of the photovoltaic panels is not very large, dust accumulation will be formed in the lower half of the photovoltaic panels, so it is necessary to artificially Cleaning. Rinse with water first, then wipe it with a cloth mop.

2. Cable maintenance

The cable bears the responsibility of transmitting energy. The connection must be very reliable. After extreme weather such as high winds, heavy rain, and exposure, it is necessary to check whether the cables are firmly connected, especially the DC photovoltaic terminals. Once loose, the power will be affected. However, due to the lack of connection, the heat is burned.

3. Inverter maintenance

As the DC-to-AC equipment of the power station, the inverter must also ensure its connection is reliable, so it is also necessary to check whether the DC and AC cables are firmly connected. In case of looseness, please contact the installer in time to deal with it.

In addition, when the inverter is working, it will also generate a certain amount of heat. Therefore, it is also necessary to ensure that the inverter has good heat dissipation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the inverter is wide open, and if there is debris accumulation, it should be cleaned in time.

Keep it open

Clean up debris in time

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