Photovoltaic Characteristics

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Solar energy is the only energy source that can guarantee the future demand of human beings. Photovoltaic power generation is a purely physical process that uses solar energy to convert photons into electrons. The conversion process does not emit any harmful substances. Its characteristics are as follows:
Sufficiency: According to the US Department of Energy (April 2005), the world’s potential hydropower resource is 4.6TW (1TW=1012W [5]), economically exploitable resources are only 0.9TW, and wind energy is actually exploitable resources 2 to 4TW; biomass Energy 3TW; ocean energy less than 2TW; geothermal energy about 12TW; solar potential resources 120,000TW, actual exploitable resources up to 600TW.
Safety: reliable operation and safe use; strong regularity of power generation and predictability (scheduling is easier than wind power generation).
Extensiveness: The production materials are abundant (silicon content in the earth's crust is ranked second), the construction area is wide (desert, buildings, etc.), and the scale is appropriate, the solar panel mounting brackets are recyclable. Maintenance-free: long service life (20 to 50 years, 20% reduction in work efficiency for 25 years), maintenance-free, unattended.
Cleanliness: No fuel consumption, zero emissions, no noise, no pollution, short energy recovery period (0.8 to 3.0 years).  

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