Photovoltaic power plants need to longevity, you need to grasp the three tips: hardware + software + daily operation and maintenance

- Oct 13, 2018 -


We know that the current design life cycle of PV power plants is generally 25 years, which is mainly affected by the life of brackets, components and inverters.

Let's talk about solar panel mounting brackets: The PV module support brackets of existing power stations are generally galvanized C-shaped steel or aluminum alloy, and the life of these two materials is far more than 25 years. Therefore, as long as the qualified solar mounting bracket products are selected, such as the complete galvanized layer, no rust will occur; if the thickness of the aluminum alloy bracket is up to standard, there is no need to worry about the life of the bracket.

Secondly, regarding the components, the PV power plant can be used for 25 years mainly based on the life of the crystalline silicon components. The reliable crystalline crystalline silicon component products can still have a conversion efficiency of 80% after 25 years of use. However, the attenuation of film products will be higher, and the attenuation may be far more than 20% in less than 25 years.

Finally, regarding the inverter, since it is mainly composed of electronic components, the life of the device is also very long, so the quality of the selected inverter product is qualified, and the service life is not a problem.

Therefore, in order to extend the life of the power station, we must first start with the hardware:

1. Choose products with reliable quality.

2. Try to choose single crystal or polycrystalline products for components.


The household photovoltaic power station is composed of components, inverters, distribution boxes and other equipment. The equipment comes from different manufacturers. Once the equipment fails, it is not conducive to troubleshooting. The traditional manual inspection method is time-consuming and laborious, and the efficiency is low.

Therefore, some leading domestic PV power station service providers have developed a PV monitoring system, which can monitor the power generation situation at any time and anywhere, greatly improving the overall operation and maintenance service of the power station and delaying the aging rate of the power station.

Therefore, in addition to choosing a reliable product and wanting to extend the life of the power station, it is necessary to start from the software side and choose a service provider that can provide monitoring and background.

Daily maintenance

A photovoltaic power station is like a human body. The body is strong and you should pay attention to maintenance. To ensure optimal performance of the components, the following maintenance measures are recommended:

1. Install rainproof cover for outdoor electrical equipment such as inverters and distribution boxes, and clean the inspection equipment frequently. This can reduce wind and rain erosion and extend equipment life.

2. Scrub PV modules frequently and check them regularly. Focus on the following points:

1 Whether the component glass is damaged;

2 Whether there is a sharp object touching the surface of the component;

3 Whether the component is blocked by obstacles or foreign objects;

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