Photovoltaic Solar Mounting Structure Application Materials

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Photovoltaic solar mounting stucture is a special support designed for placing, installing, and fixing solar panels in solar photovoltaic power generation systems. The general material is aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Photovoltaic solar mounting structure products are divided into ground, roof, wall, portable, etc.

Large-scale photovoltaic power generation companies generally use galvanized metal materials. First, the cost is lower, and secondly, the load is larger, and it has a rotating device. It can adjust its angle with the rotation of the sun and has a high light energy utilization rate. The unique design of the solar mounting structure enables the components to be adjusted according to different regions, so as to be able to make full use of local solar energy resources and achieve maximum power generation efficiency of solar modules. At the same time, detailed analysis and practice of connection methods, material selection, and load analysis of the PV modules are performed to make them have good physical properties such as shock resistance, wind resistance, snow pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance, so that PV modules can be used more. Wide area.

Main material: Q195 Q195L Q235 Q235B Q345B etc.

Solar racking common specifications (can not be customized specifications are listed):

C-steel U-shaped steel with internal crimping: reinforced galvanized, hot dip galvanized

41*30*10*8*(1.5-2.5) 50*75*15*9*(2.0-3.0)

41*21*10*7 *(1.5-2.5) 41*41*10*8*(1.5-2.5)

41*52*10*7*(1.5-2.5) 41*62*10*8*(1.5-3.0)

41*72*10*8*(1.5-3.0) 41*82*10*8*(1.5-3.0)

60*60*15*10*(1.5-3.0) 60*80*15*10* (1.5-3.0)

60*70*10*8* (1.5-3.5) 100*50*15*10*(1.5-3.0)

C-shaped steel Z-shaped steel, U-shaped steel:

60*40*(1.5-3.5) 57*30*10* (1.5-3)

68*50*(1.5-3.5) 40*60*15*(1.0-3.0)

80*40*15*(1.5-3.0 60*50*15* (1.5-3.5)

100*50*20*(1.0-4.5) 100*40*15*(1.5-3.5

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