PV power plant installation angle is very important

- Oct 09, 2018 -

A set of photovoltaic system does not talk about the solar mounting support components of the system. The professionalism of the installation depends mainly on two points: first, the inclination of the power station; second, the azimuth of the power station, which is generally the orientation of the power station.

For a professional system installation company, to ensure that the installed solar modules achieve the highest power generation, we must start from these two points, choose the best orientation, the most ideal tilt angle.

So how do you do these two things?

Look first, azimuth. In China, the azimuth of the PV array generally selects the south direction, which can maximize the power generation of the photovoltaic array. In the actual design and installation process, the PV array will also be affected by the surrounding environment, such as roof, soil slope, mountain, building structure and shadow, etc., should also consider their azimuth, to make full use of existing The terrain and effective area are as far as possible to avoid the shadows created by surrounding buildings, structures or trees.

As long as it is within ±20° of Zhengnan, it will not have much impact on the amount of power generation. If conditions permit, it should be within 20° of the southwest as much as possible, so that the peak value of solar power generation will appear sometime after noon. Conducive to more power generation in winter. In the design of some solar photovoltaic building integrated power generation systems, when the solar cell laying area in the south direction is not large enough, the solar cells can also be laid in the direction of Zhengdong and Zhengxi.

In some solar photovoltaic building integration projects, when the solar cell laying area in the south is not large enough, the solar cells can also be laid in the direction of Zhengdong and Zhengxi.

Look again, the angle of inclination. When the PV power plant is designed, some will adopt a fixed installation method, which has the concept of “optimal inclination angle”. The optimal inclination angle here refers to the photovoltaic when the PV array is tilted at an angle. The annual total amount of radiation on the inclined surface of the plate is maximized, but in general, the difference in the amount of angular radiation close to this optimum inclination is actually small. When the capacity of the power station is fixed, the dip angle can save the land and cable and increase the wind resistance of the bracket. When the land area is certain, reducing the dip angle can increase the installed capacity and power generation, and increase the revenue.

How to determine the tilt angle? Professional system design company uses design software to carry out, and then combine the actual situation to find the optimal tilt angle.

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