What is the wind resistance of a rooftop PV power plant?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Nowadays, there are more and more people installing rooftop photovoltaics. There are many factors to consider when installing rooftop photovoltaic power plants. How about the wind resistance of rooftop photovoltaic power plants? How about the specific situation?

Many owners have not figured out the wind resistance level of the rooftop power station. Although we are in the peaceful magical capital, we can't say that the wind is blowing away. So let us know the wind resistance of the rooftop photovoltaic power station today. What is the ability?

First of all, we need to understand the roof solar mounting structure of the power station and the corresponding bracket system.

Cement roof solar panel support system

In some flat roofs and commercial buildings, cement flat roofs are the most common type of solar mounting structure, so what do you do with photovoltaic solar panel mounting brackets on this flat roof?

This is the most common installation method for cement flat roofs – the construction of concrete piers on concrete roofs. The advantage of this method is that it does not damage the roof waterproof structure at all, and it is also very stable. It can handle 12-14 grades in terms of wind resistance. Gale; however, the cement pier is more complicated during the installation process. First, a large amount of manual work is required. Secondly, the curing time of the cement pier is also long, generally at least one week.

Inclined roof solar panel support system

After talking about the solar mounting structure of the concrete flat roof, the most common villa project is the scaffolding system of the inclined roof. The way to punch the solar mounting bracket rails.

This type of construction is to use a hammer drill or the like under the roof tile to punch and install the hook bracket, and then fix the bottom of the bracket at the same time to make the roof waterproofing measures, install the guide rail on the installed hook bracket, and lay the solar panel. This method not only ensures the aesthetics of the roof but also achieves the wind-resistant effect, because the entire solar panel is mounted close to the roof, and the fixing of the bracket is also performed by physical action and high-strength installation, so the system for roof photovoltaic power generation has been installed. There is no need to worry about the stability and wind resistance of the roof. Even if the 14th wind comes, the power station is safe, unless the wind has reached the level of horror that can roll away a house!

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