What should I pay attention to when installing a PV power station on the roof?

- Sep 21, 2018 -

The installation of solar water heaters on the roof is as common as the solar modules are arranged neatly on the roof through the support of the photovoltaic solar panel mounting bracket supports.

Can play multiple roles:

First, the sleepless component can play a role in regulating the indoor temperature. Summer and winter can be used to cool down and leopard.

Second, the roof photovoltaic power station, using sunlight to generate green power, has truly achieved practical actions of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Third, the user side is connected to the grid, no need to boost, saving a lot of money and time.

Fourth, the perfect combination of solar modules and roofs allows the roof of the reinforced concrete building to re-energize, and at the same time, the original homogenized roof reveals individuality and beauty. In addition, domestic photovoltaic power generation, the endless use of electricity, the national grid will be recovered at the desulfurization price. And generate revenue.

At present, there are two ways to construct a wide application on the roof of a villa. One is that the inclined tile uses a guide solar mounting roof rail to tile the battery panel; the other is that the horizontal roof uses the solar mounting bracket to support the two forms of the battery panel, and both have a roof sunny angle and a lighting effect. Based on this, to ensure the maximum efficiency of battery panel power generation.

In the installation process of the power station, you need to pay attention to the following links:

First, pay attention to the fixing method and installation of the bracket foundation. The bracket is fixed on the concrete roof of the villa. If it is fixed too deeply, it may damage the waterproof layer, resulting in rain and water leakage. If the fixing is too shallow, the wind resistance of the later bracket may be a problem. It is recommended to install a waterproof test after installing it on the concrete roof;

Second, pay attention to lightning protection. Installed on the roof of the villa, it is easy to receive puncture interference, there must be lightning protection.

Third, we must ensure the safety of construction workers. In general villa projects, the tile surface is generally glazed tile or ceramic tile, which is relatively slippery. The construction personnel must pay great attention to safety issues during the initial training period.

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