Which photovoltaic power plants are vulnerable to typhoon damage?

- Sep 19, 2018 -

1, no counterweight

It is considered that the photovoltaic power station has a small dip angle, the power station is short, and even the diagonal support does not directly swell the fixed bracket. It is simple to say that the top-heavy can withstand the violent storm, and the power station will have problems sooner or later.

2,Solar mounting bracket and other accessories quality problems

The power station has rusting parts such as expansion bolts or brackets.

Rusty nut

Solar panel mounting rack port rust

The quality of the solar panel mounting bracket accessories is not good. In the long run, it will affect the overall stability of the power station. It may cause loosening of the bracket due to rusting of the solar panel support components, which may affect the inclination of the power station, resulting in a decrease in the power generation of the power station. Collapse, or the weight of the counterweight is deteriorated, and it is easy to be blown down by the wind.

3, insufficient weight

Insufficient counterweights can cause the station to run the risk of being overwhelmed by wind. In the current flat-top photovoltaic project, in order not to damage the roof structure, most of the cement blocks are weight-weighted. In the case of the same friction coefficient, the greater the pressure, the larger the contact area between the briquettes and the roof, and the more friction Large, the stronger the wind resistance. If the counterweight is insufficient, the wind will cause displacement of the power station, which will eventually cause the power station to fall.


After the typhoon, it is necessary to check the PV power plant for possible failure: check the surge protector for any problems, then check the photovoltaic panel for damage and clean the debris on the photovoltaic panel. If it is found that there is damage to the photovoltaic panel, it is necessary to do a physical examination of the entire power station to prevent the cracked components from affecting the safe and stable power generation of the entire system.

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