Does Installing A Home PV Power Plant Have Any Effect On The Human Body?

- Jul 22, 2018 -

Nowadays, more and more families are installing photovoltaic power plants. With the increase in the number of installed PV power plants, many people are worried about whether there will be radiation in the photovoltaic power plants. Does the installation of household photovoltaic power plants have any impact on the human body? How about it? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Does installing a home PV power plant have any effect on the human body?

Does installing a home PV power plant have any effect on the human body?

How is electromagnetic radiation generated?

According to the basic theory of electromagnetism, there is a corresponding electric field distribution around the charged particles. The charged particles change with time will produce a changing electric field. Because there is a potential difference between the two points with different potentials around the charged particles, a difference is formed between the two points. Voltage; when a large number of charged particles move in a direction, a current is formed, a magnetic field is generated around the current, and a current that changes with time produces a changing magnetic field. Similarly, a time-varying magnetic field can also generate an electric field, such that alternating electric and magnetic fields are generated alternately, perpendicular to each other and continuously propagating into space, producing electromagnetic radiation. The amount of energy carried by electromagnetic radiation depends on the frequency of the frequency. The higher the frequency, the greater the energy.

How large is the electromagnetic radiation of a photovoltaic system?

The photovoltaic system is composed of photovoltaic components, brackets, DC cables, inverters, AC cables, power distribution cabinets, transformers, etc., in which the brackets are not charged, and naturally no electromagnetic interference will occur. Photovoltaic modules and DC cables, which are DC currents, have no change in direction, can only generate electric fields, and cannot generate magnetic fields. Although the output transformer is AC, the frequency is very low, only 50Hz, and the generated magnetic field is very low. The inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current. There is power electronic conversion inside. The frequency is generally 5-20KHz, so an alternating electric field is generated, so electromagnetic radiation is also generated. The state has strict standards for electromagnetic compatibility of photovoltaic inverters.

Does installing a home PV power plant have any effect on the human body?

Does installing a home PV power plant have any effect on the human body?

Photovoltaic inverter EMC electromagnetic interference solution

The electromagnetic radiation of a photovoltaic inverter is about the same as that of a notebook computer, which is lower than an induction cooker, a hair dryer, and a refrigerator. So don't bother.

As a power electronic device, the PV inverter has a high switching frequency. The string inverter usually reaches about 20K, and the current is relatively large. If no measures are taken, there will be a large electromagnetic interference. The usual methods are shielding, filtering and grounding. Shielding can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference propagating through space. There are two purposes for shielding. One is to limit the internal radiated electromagnetic energy from leaking out of the control area, and the other is to prevent external radiated electromagnetic energy from entering the internal control zone. The inverter is packaged in a full metal package such as aluminum or iron. Filtering is the control of EMI conducted interference, usually implemented in three devices: decoupling capacitors, EMI filters, and magnetic components. The input and output terminals of the inverter have X capacitors and Y capacitors, common mode inductors, and magnetic components such as magnetic beads and magnetic rings. Regardless of the method used to suppress EMI interference, static electricity is eventually discharged through grounding, so the grounding of the inverter is very important. In addition to suppressing EMI interference, grounding also provides zero potential reference points and safety protection.

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