Production Process Of Solar Energy Support

- May 24, 2018 -

When cold rolled forming materials are applied to solar tracker or bracket system, their selection types are varied. * common materials include high strength low alloy steel (HSLAsteels) and aluminum alloy. Some alloys need to be molded in thin parts while meeting the strength requirements. Cap or tunnel shapes are widely used, and any open or closed structure can be completed by cold rolling. Punching holes in any shape can be punched anywhere in the pipeline. In the photovoltaic plant project, the length of the support is limited to the length of the freight car, and some scaffolds are designed to be as long as 47 feet. The following processes include surface processing, welding and fastener installation, which can bring value added to customers.

material costs

Photovoltaic scaffold manufacturers are facing huge price pressures and increasingly stringent supervision system. Customers expect not only to reduce the cost of components, but also to reduce the labor cost of on-site support installation in photovoltaic projects. It is particularly evident in large-scale photovoltaic projects that, in order to improve the installation efficiency, in order to improve the installation efficiency, in addition to the fixed tilt angle installation system, the manufacturer needs to increase the single shaft support at its own expense. Starting from efficiency, some scaffolds can be designed for photovoltaic panel assembly systems.

No matter how to install single shaft support or fixed angle bracket, some assembly fasteners are essential. Part of the assembly work should be completed by the construction personnel at the construction site. In order to facilitate assembly, parts are usually designed with pre punching holes and separate nuts and bolts. The number of fasteners installed varies greatly depending on the size of the project. Power plant photovoltaic projects often require a large number of fasteners. In some projects, 70000 bolts are required for each megawatt installation. The amount of fasteners used in the project is often in the millions, thus directly affecting the demand for on-site construction manpower.

In order to reduce loose fasteners (easily lost) at construction sites, cold fastener manufacturers can synchronously install fastening fasteners in support production. Through field visits, it is proved that the installation of the factory for outdoor work can save considerable cost. Besides reducing labor costs, quality control has also been improved. Some projects pay high wages to hire skilled workers, for example, often adding temporary workers to meet the contract deadline, but short term training for temporary workers is also a very challenging job. Obviously, it is advisable to choose pre installed hard fasteners for large projects that require millions of fasteners to be installed.

Selection component

Choosing the right fasteners can reduce installation time and cost at the same time of fast installation and meeting all design objectives. Usually the fasteners are installed in the subsequent operation of the cold rolling parts, the use of punch and tools to complete the installation. If the scale and completion time of the project are guaranteed, online installation can also be operated. The two operation can be set up quickly, which is suitable for most utility projects. Blind hole rivet, rivet nut and rivet bolt are more commonly used in projects.

For closed section profiles, this is the choice of * because there is no need to process on the back. Most photovoltaic cold-rolled bracket profiles choose cap section, allowing tools to be operated on both sides. Riveting nuts and bolts are completely installed by manual installation at one time. In this case, the use of automation equipment is too expensive and can not install multiple components at the same time.

The pressure riveting fastener can be used in a two-way installation. The typical automatic installation is completed by automatic feeder and single station press. However, multiple rivet fasteners can not be installed on the single station press. Especially on thin steel plates, the mechanical properties of rivets and rivet fasteners (such as torque or push / pull) almost reach the critical value. The size and thickness of fasteners may need to be adjusted according to customer's requirements for structure.

The Flangeform fastener is a high strength fastener, which is a fixed steel plate. They are widely used in automobiles, white goods and other related fields. The installation is convenient and the installation cost is lower. It is suitable for large scale continuous line production. It is also suitable for the installation and application of single parts in automation or manual line. Moreover, a plurality of fasteners can be installed by a single station punch. Stainless steel or thick zinc coated carbon steel is ideal for outdoor use.

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