What Is The Feature Of Light Solar Powered Bracket

- May 24, 2018 -

Solar powered support is a necessary product of solar energy now, both solar power stations, or household solar energy, can not be separated from the solar energy support. The type and structure of the solar energy bracket are different. Because of the different region, the solar energy bracket must be adjusted according to the different region, so that the solar energy can be fully utilized. Next, we introduce the characteristics of the light solar powered support.

The features of light solar powered support:

1, solar powered support light structural steel mainly refers to round steel, small angle steel and thin walled steel.

2. The thin-walled steel purlin of the solar powered support, the thin steel plate with wall thickness 1.5-5mm is generally used for the solar support. After cold bending or cold rolling, various thin-walled steel products with different sections and sizes are made.

3. Compared with the hot rolled steel, the rotary radius of the thin-walled steel can be increased by 50-60%, the section inertia moment and resistance moment can be increased by 0.5-3 times in the case of the same section area, so the strength of the material can be used more reasonably, but because the thin-walled steel of the solar powered support is mostly in the factory, it needs to be high. The accuracy of the borehole can be matched with the screw holes after the PV panel.

4, the solar powered support plant can be hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust after processing the buckle. When it is shipped to the site, it is difficult to operate because the steel section of the solar powered support is small and the tool is difficult to operate. At present, most of solar powered panels in China can not be directly connected with thin-walled steel connections, and other auxiliary fixed structures (such as briquetting) are needed.

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