How To Put The Position Of The Solar Energy Bracket

- May 24, 2018 -

So how to put the position of the solar energy bracket, how to put it is reasonable and scientific? In fact, the placement of solar photovoltaic support position is very simple, as long as a few points can be selected. It should be noted that the angle, orientation, location, and quality requirements of the installation and the requirements of load, arrangement and spacing are equal or close to the installation of the local latitude, and the orientation should be south, the place is the ground or the roof. The requirement of the quality is that the service life is not less than 20 years. In line with the wind load, snow load and earthquake requirements, we can choose the arrangement according to the local sunshine condition.

There are two main ways to install the common and commonly used photovoltaic support base, one is the concrete base photovoltaic support, the other is the photovoltaic support of the ground pile foundation. At present, some of the large photovoltaic power stations in China are mostly used in the forefront. There are two reasons to consider: first, the local geographical environment, and the two is the consideration of cost control. However, the most commonly used photovoltaic scaffolds are the ground pile foundations. For example, in Australia, Italy and Germany, their consideration is mainly on the re utilization of land, and the economic cost is relatively loose.

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