Not All Roofs Can Be Loaded With Photovoltaic

- May 24, 2018 -

The common people make use of the idle resources of the roof, install the photovoltaic power system, sell the surplus electricity to the national grid on the premise of satisfying the demand of its own electricity, save the electricity fee, increase the income, and carry out the energy saving and environmental protection.

But not all roofs are suitable for installing photovoltaic power stations. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about what circumstances are suitable for construction.

1. There is an independent roof or a clear roof property right

Users of photovoltaic power generation systems need to have independent access to the roof. Therefore, in the rural areas with independent roofs, the villa residents are relatively convenient to install, for the roofs of the multi-storey or high-rise buildings, which belong to the public area, not a single individual, and the owners of the whole building have the right to use them together. If you want to build a power station above, you need the consent of the owner of the building. Otherwise, even if it is installed, the Power Grid Corp will not be connected to the network.

Two. The roof is in good condition

For example, there is no shelter before and after, light is good, the roof has enough load and so on.

There are many factors that cause shelter. It may be between floors, vegetation, or components. Don't underestimate the harm of shielding. The components are sheltered for a long time, affecting the power generation of the power station, and the payback period is longer.

The problem of roof load has always been a problem that must be considered at the beginning of the design of photovoltaic power stations. How can the weight of solar power plants be calculated on the roof?

For example, a 3KW household roof solar power plant requires 20 solar panels of 150W, the weight of the solar panel is 240kg, the weight of the scaffold, the cement brick is about 210kg, and the bracket covers an area of 15 square meters, which calculates the pressure of the solar power plant to the roof to be 30kg/ flat. Household roofs generally bear more than 30KG, and there is not much problem for installing photovoltaic panels above.

The above is only a budget estimate, which can be used as a reference, and the professional photovoltaic enterprises or installation companies will take full account of the fixed load of the roof, the load of the wind pressure, the load of the snow pressure, the earthquake load and so on when the power plant is designed. So you don't have to worry about it.

Is the roof leaking on the roof of a home photovoltaic power station?

Leakage is indeed a problem to be noted in the process of installing photovoltaic power stations. Generally, the normal construction and installation process will not damage the roof waterproof, and the additional waterproof treatment will enhance the waterproofing. The PV bracket is mounted on the roof supporting components and connecting the roof. Its design mostly adopts the top top method, which does not perforate or destroy the original waterproof of the roof, and the prefabricated component is used for the pressing block, and it does not pour on the spot. This method avoids the hard damage of roof mounting to roof waterproofing layer.

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