Which Roofs Can Install Photovoltaic Power Stations?

- May 24, 2018 -

1) industrial plant: especially in the factory with large electricity consumption and higher electricity price, the roof area of the factory is large, the roof is open and flat, it is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic array. At the same time, the distributed photovoltaic power generation can be eliminated in place because of the large electric load, which can offset a part of the net purchase of electricity, thus saving the electricity of the user. Fee;

2) commercial buildings: similar to the effects of industrial parks. The difference is that commercial buildings are mostly cement roofs, which are more conducive to the installation of photovoltaic arrays, but often require architectural aesthetics. According to the characteristics of service industry such as commercial building, office building, hotel, conference center and resort, the characteristics of user load are generally higher in daytime and lower at night, and can match the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation better.

3) agricultural facilities: there are a large number of available roofs in rural areas, including their own residential roofs, vegetable sheds, fish ponds and so on. The rural areas are often at the end of the public grid, and the quality of electric energy is poor.

4) municipal public buildings: due to the unified management standards, the user load and commercial behavior relatively reliable, high installation enthusiasm, municipal and other public buildings are also suitable for the centralized construction of distributed photovoltaic.

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