What Benefits Does Photovoltaic Power Bring To Business Enterprises?

- Aug 21, 2018 -

For industrial and commercial enterprises, installing distributed photovoltaic systems will bring many changes to the enterprise itself.
Less pollution

Photovoltaic power generation systems are safe, green, and sustainable clean energy sources with zero emissions and zero pollution during power generation and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Greatly reduce pollution to the surrounding environment, and help ease the arrival of smog weather.

The electricity bill has decreased

Most of the current photovoltaic power plants use high-efficiency single-crystal systems with high conversion rates. The power generation is high, and the electricity generated can fully meet the needs of enterprises during the day, so that enterprises no longer bear high peak and flat price. Save electricity costs.

More revenue channels

On the one hand, companies can sell the remaining electricity outside their own use to the national grid to obtain electricity price gains. Or in the future, you can also obtain revenue through electricity sales and electricity trading in the wall. On the other hand, the country's environmental protection needs, carbon emission limits to limit carbon emissions, this time companies can install carbon power systems through the installation of photovoltaic power plants, and through the sale of clean electricity to get more benefits.

Become more popular

Enterprises can install photovoltaic energy and power facilities, and can apply for certification as a green factory. The products they produce can also apply for green labels on electricity, become green products, and obtain a higher brand premium. Today, environmental protection has become a common consensus in society, and this low-carbon green product will be more popular in the market.

The roof becomes firm

The distributed photovoltaic power generation solar mounting system is built on the roof of industrial and commercial plants, the solar mounting brackets not only will not damage the roof structure, but also can effectively reduce the direct sunlight, rain erosion and increase the service life of the roof. In addition, the distributed photovoltaic power generation system with solar panel mounting brackets itself is stylish in appearance, and the overall effect is beautiful and atmospheric after matching the roof of the building.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

The solar cell module absorbs a wide range of spectra and can absorb solar radiation greatly, thereby providing good thermal insulation. It can be used as a heat insulation layer in summer and as an insulation layer in winter to effectively maintain room temperature.

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