What Is The Current Status Of Rural PV Market Development In 2018?

- Aug 16, 2018 -

The economic benefits brought by the development of the photovoltaic industry are also very considerable. Many rural areas have also installed photovoltaic power plants. What is the current development status of the rural PV market in 2018? What is the specific situation? Let’s learn from Xiaobian. .

In 2017, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaics has risen sharply, making photovoltaic companies profitable, and such a development trend will continue in 2018. In the segmentation field of the photovoltaic market, the distributed market is on fire! The rural areas that had originally “had nothing to hang up” suddenly became bustling, and it seems that enterprises and folks have found ways to make money.

In the face of the market's virgin land, in the face of this tempting cake, everyone tried to squeeze in, hoping to win a place and win a piece of cake. In fact, many people have done it! Originally driving a car of tens of thousands of yuan, after 1-2 years, it was replaced by BMW and Audi. Of course, such a change is not a pie falling from the sky, but it is inseparable from their hard work. When I saw the industry moving forward and letting many people win business opportunities, there have been problems like this. As the saying goes, "There are people and places where there are rivers and lakes." This is the market.

Looking at the rural PV market has its infinite and glamorous side, and it also has its insufficiency. Here we will talk about this inadequacy.

In the first aspect, the basic standards for the rural household PV power plant industry are scarce, and the villagers lack brand awareness. When we visited the rural photovoltaic power station, we found a brand that we had never heard before, and we did not talk about the quality of the power station. The power generation was far lower than expected. The emergence of such problems, on the one hand, is due to the lack of basic standards for rural PV market, and the other is due to the lack of brand awareness among the villagers.

In the second aspect, the quality level of household photovoltaic power plants is not uniform. In 2017, the author visited dozens of Hebei photovoltaic power stations, and found many problems at the project site, such as the existence of occlusion, insufficient weight, strong rust on the bracket bolts, and serious scratches on the components.

In the third aspect, the grid connection is slow and the subsidy is in arrears. This phenomenon is not a lot in our visit, but it still exists in some areas.

In the fourth aspect, individual dealers exaggerated propaganda and misled the villagers. The phenomenon of “Wang Po sells melons and sells itself” is very common in rural areas. For the promotion of photovoltaic power generation, many installers and distributors do the same, exaggerating the benefits and exaggerating the products.

In the fifth aspect, the PV power plant operation and maintenance system is still not perfect.

The five articles we have listed here are only examples that are not universal and cannot be covered. The development of the market always has its good side - the sunny side, and the dark side mentioned above - the shady side, but the transition between the shade and the sun is inadvertently. Therefore, in today's fast-growing industry, if the industry is orderly and scientifically developed, it needs the government's leading and macro-control; it needs dealers, agents, and manufacturers to self-discipline; it also needs to improve user awareness.

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