What's The Use Of Solar Panels

- May 24, 2018 -

Solar panels, in short, are powered by sunlight.

1, solar cell introduction:

Solar cells are a device that converts the radiant light of the sun through semiconducting material to electrical energy by means of photoelectric conversion. This photoelectric conversion process is usually referred to as photovoltaic effect, or photovoltaic effect. Therefore, solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells. To put it simply, when sunlight is irradiated on semiconductor materials, the PN junction inside the semiconductor will be shifted by positive and negative electrons, resulting in voltage.

2. Characteristics of solar cells:

Easy installation, low running cost and low maintenance cost;

It can operate normally in long term unattended environment.

Working temperature: -30 ~ 95 C, relative humidity: 0-100%

It has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and strong weak light. It only needs to be directly exposed to sunlight outside.

3. Classification of solar cells

Solar cells can also be divided into four categories: silicon solar cells, multi compound film solar cells, polymer multilayer modified electrode type solar cells and nanocrystalline solar cells, of which silicon solar cells are the most mature and dominant in the application. Position.

Silicon solar cell

• monocrystalline silicon solar cells,

Polysilicon thin film solar cells

- amorphous silicon thin film solar cells

4. The solar cell components are composed of:

Toughened glass: thickness of about 3 millimeters, transmittance of more than 90%;

Solar panels: thickness is about 0.3mm, voltage is about 0.5V;

Backplane: protective materials on the back of battery panels, usually TPT, BBF, DNP and so on.

Junction box: the junction box is usually made of ABS, plus anti-aging and anti ultraviolet radiation agents.

Aluminum alloy frame: made of hard aluminum alloy, the thickness of the surface oxide layer is more than 10 microns. It can guarantee the use of the outdoor environment for more than 25 years. It will not be corroded and durable.

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