Worried About The Radiation Of Rooftop PV Power Plants? In Fact, There Is Still No Radiation In Your Home!

- Jul 15, 2018 -

As distributed PV enters thousands of households, more and more people are investing in photovoltaic power stations. However, there are still many people worried that the roof is equipped with so many photovoltaic modules, and the inverter outputs such a large current. Do these have radiation? Does it affect the human body and home appliances?

Today, we will tell you about it. In fact, the radiation of photovoltaic power plants has no large induction cooker at home!

What is radiation?

To know how much radiation the photovoltaic power plant has, first of all, we must first understand what radiation is. In simple terms, we spread energy in the form of electromagnetic waves and particles. This way of transmitting energy is called radiation.

Everywhere in life, there is radiation, such as: heat radiation, solar radiation, light radiation, and so on. Natural magnetic fields, household appliances, etc. around human beings emit radiation of different intensities. So clearly we are in a variety of radiation. Some radiations have a certain impact on living organisms because of their high energy, but we still can't do much with radiation, such as the sun's radiation - sunlight.

Radiation during operation of photovoltaic power generation system

Photovoltaic power generation converts light energy directly into DC power through the characteristics of the semiconductor, and then converts the direct current into an alternating current that can be used by us through the inverter.

The photovoltaic module itself does not generate any electromagnetic radiation when generating electricity, but the power and electronic equipment such as the inverter will affect the surrounding electromagnetic environment during operation. Therefore, all inverters have a metal shielded enclosure and comply with global regulations. Compatibility certification.

As shown in the figure below, when the distance is about 10cm, the radiation value of the inverter is already 0, and the radiation value of the induction cooker is 13.31.

Scientifically determined, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power generation systems is lower than the limits of various indicators. In the industrial frequency band, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power plants is even lower than that produced by commonly used household appliances, and will not affect personal health.

Finally, I would like to summarize: the communication part of the photovoltaic system is slightly electromagnetic radiation like the home appliance, but it is less, it will not cause harm to the human body and cause interference to the household appliances; the photovoltaic module is direct current and will not generate radiation; the inverter Radiation is within safe limits.

Therefore, friends who have concerns can rest assured that they can invest in photovoltaic power stations with peace of mind!

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