Advantages and disadvantages of ground screw foundation of photovoltaic power station supports

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Ground screw foundation

■ Definition

The hot-dip galvanized steel pipe pile with spiral blades is used under the front and rear columns of the solar mounting structures. The rotating blades can be large or small, can be continuously interrupted, and continuous welding is used between the rotating blades and the steel pipe. During the construction process, professional machinery is used to screw it into the soil.

The upper part of the screw pile foundation is exposed to the ground, and a screw connection is adopted between the upper solar bracket and the upper solar panel bracket. Through the side friction between the side of the steel pipe pile and the soil, especially the bite force between the rotating blade and the soil resists the pull-up force and the vertical load, and the pile-soil between the pile body, the spiral blade and the soil body The effect is against horizontal loads.

■ Advantages:

The construction speed is fast, no need for site leveling, no earthwork excavation, maximum protection of the field vegetation, and the site is easy to restore the original appearance, convenient to adjust the upper bracket, and the height of the bracket can be adjusted with the terrain. The impact on the environment is small, the labor required is small, and the screw pile can be used for secondary use.

■ Disadvantages:

The cost is relatively high, and special construction machinery is needed. The most important thing is that the basic horizontal bearing capacity is closely related to the compactness of the soil layer. The screw pile foundation requires a certain degree of compactness of the soil layer, especially the shallow soil layer close to the ground. Can be too loose; the screw pile foundation has poor corrosion resistance, although thick hot dip galvanizing can be used, but it is difficult to adapt to a strong corrosive environment.


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