How big is the wind resistance of PV solar panel supports?

- Aug 22, 2018 -

Most of the wind power capacity of photovoltaic power plants is determined by photovoltaic solar panel support structures. In theory, the maximum wind resistance of the photovoltaic solar panel support bracket is 216 km / h, and the maximum wind resistance of the photovoltaic tracking support is 150 km / h (greater than the 13 typhoon). To resist typhoons, you first need a very strong photovoltaic solar panel support racking. Therefore, the photovoltaic power station must strengthen the foundation and the support, and at the same time ensure the strength of the frame of the component. This requires a targeted site design, strict control of product quality, and reasonable calculation of wind pressure, snow pressure and so on.

The weight of the household photovoltaic system is generally cement foundation. The cement foundation should fully consider the load of the building, and at the same time meet the requirements of wind and snow load resistance. Under normal circumstances, the wind pressure of the local 50 years will be The standard is designed to have strict requirements on the weight of the cement foundation and the strength of the concrete.

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