Why is photovoltaic power generation suitable for installation in villas?

- Aug 20, 2018 -

There are many benefits to installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of a villa.
1, the solar mounting bracket components on the roof can be very good to reduce the indoor temperature, especially in the summer, the photovoltaic panel is equivalent to the insulation layer, the actual measurement can reduce the indoor temperature of 3-5 degrees, in winter can also effectively keep warm, to a certain extent It also saves air-conditioning electricity costs;

2. The electricity generated by photovoltaics is through inexhaustible solar energy, without any pollution and noise, and truly achieves practical actions of energy conservation and environmental protection;

3, can be directly integrated into the power grid, the national policy solar panel supports "spontaneous use of surplus power online", the grid company vigorously supports distributed photovoltaic, resource optimization configuration and utilization, saving a lot of cost and time, has been widely recognized by the community;

At present, the roof of the villa is generally a cement tile or a wooden roof. Whether it is a beveled roof or a horizontal roof, it is very convenient to install the photovoltaic panel. Horizontal roof installation of photovoltaic panels is relatively simple, only need to install brackets to support the panels; inclined roofs are relatively more cumbersome, designing construction needs to consider the maximum lighting effect, the roof angle should be considered in the photovoltaic panel angle degree.

In fact, there are several points to be aware of when installing photovoltaic power on the villa. Residents need to inform the installer when installing:

1. Pay attention to the stable installation method. The PV system needs to be used for 25 years. It needs to fully consider the durability of the solar panel mounting bracket and the fixed method. In the eastern coastal areas, factors such as typhoon prevention should be taken into account, and the basic fixed and firm installation is reasonable. These are all without problems.

2, pay attention to lightning protection. The installer should also consult the owner whether there is a lightning protection device installed. After all, the power board is installed on the roof. Although it is impossible to solve the problem, it should be considered at the beginning of the design.

3. Pay attention to construction and subsequent safety. There are many uncontrollable factors in the construction of photovoltaic power plants on villas, and the safety of construction workers should be fully considered. Subsequent owners should also maintain regular inspections every year to ensure the maximum rate of return on photovoltaic power generation and the safety of the power station.

4, you can consider buying PV insurance. As an asset, photovoltaic power plants can bring stable income to the owners for 25 years.

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