How to identify the quality of distributed PV system installation?

- Sep 17, 2018 -

For PV users who lack knowledge of professional PV systems, identifying distributed PV systems is indeed somewhat difficult. How to identify the quality of distributed PV installation in a simple and intuitive way? Here are a few simple ways.

Observation trace

Distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are inseparable from the connection cables.

The high-quality construction team must be neat and regular when installing the distributed photovoltaic power generation system. After the completion of the line, the cable will be installed outside the cable, which is neat and beautiful, and can also protect the cable. The role.

Although the route is one of the criteria for testing construction, it is not a hard indicator, because whether the route is neat and tidy will not affect the power generation. However, it can be seen that the overall strength of the construction side. A quality construction team will definitely pay attention to every detail. If the cable of your PV solar mounting racking system is in a mess, then the construction team's workflow must be problematic, encountering an unreliable construction party. Are you worried about the quality of the entire power station?

Is there an occlusion?

Photovoltaic modules are connected in series by a group of photovoltaic arrays. If some of them are blocked for a long time, they will affect the power generation of the entire array

If your home is installing a photovoltaic solar power plant, a PV array is 6 components, and if part of one of the components is shaded due to long-term occlusion, the power generation of these six components will be affected. In addition, long-term occlusion can cause hot spots on some components, resulting in damage to the components.

Therefore, when installing a distributed photovoltaic power station, you should carefully observe whether there is a long-term fixed occlusion in the installation place. The quality construction team will inspect the site for you in advance and give you a reasonable installation plan.

Angle of installation

The solar panel mounting bracket component mounting angle of the distributed photovoltaic solar power station will affect the power generation. It is difficult for the average person to judge whether the angle of installation is reasonable by the naked eye. Although the angle of installing PV modules should be based on the large amount of power generation, if the dip angle of the solar panel mounting components of the PV system is too large, you should be careful to resist the wind. If the angle is too large, it may be safe in the event of strong winds. Hidden dangers.

In general, the inclination of the components of the photovoltaic system is related to the latitude, depending on where the installation area is.

Quality certificate and after-sales service

Regardless of how well the construction site is constructed and serviced, the first quality product is the prerequisite for ensuring the power generation of the photovoltaic power generation system. A good after-sales service system is also a guarantee for your long-term past revenue.

When installing a photovoltaic solar system, be sure to check whether it is a regular manufacturer's product. The regular manufacturer's products have factory certificate and warranty documents. Moreover, the installed PV modules will have a serial number, and the inverter will have a nameplate.

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