How to make photovoltaic power plants on their roofs generate more electricity during the rainy season?

- Jul 08, 2018 -

With the continuous growth of the global economy, energy shortages and environmental pressures are becoming more and more serious. Reducing energy waste and protecting the environment have become a common issue for national economic growth and harmonious development of enterprises. Many small partners know that the rainy season in the south is already coming. In the rainy days, will the power shortage of the distributed photovoltaic power station be cut off?
Now, what we are most afraid of is the power outage. This shows how important electricity is. If the PV power plant is not working or the power generation is low, it is not enough for us to use it. Will the home be cut off?

In the case of plum rain or smog weather and low solar radiation, if the operating voltage of the photovoltaic system does not reach the starting voltage of the inverter, the photovoltaic system will not work. Since the grid-connected power generation system is connected to the grid, when the photovoltaic system cannot operate, the grid's electricity will be automatically replenished, so there is no shortage of power and power outage in the rainy weather and smog.

For the common people, how to make a power station with tens of thousands of dollars to ensure stable power generation and weather-free? It is essential to design the power station in advance. When designing the power station, the people need to choose the right place. If the photovoltaic power station is built on the roof, it is necessary to consider the fixed load of the roof, the wind load, the snow load, and the seismic load. Generally, it will be in accordance with the “Code for Loads of Building Structures”, because this is the only way to avoid damage to the power station due to rain and weather.

1.Reasonable design

Rainwater frequently occurs, and its impact on the power station is mainly due to the immersion of photovoltaic components and other electrical components by rainwater. For the home distributed photovoltaic power station, the inclined roof itself has a strong drainage capacity, and it is difficult to have excessive water accumulation. The main affected area is the flat roof. When the rainfall is too large, the installation of the flat roof is relatively low, and the PV modules may be soaked by rain. At present, the most effective method is to scientifically add a drainage system, and when designing the power station, it is necessary to fully consider the depth of water accumulation and drainage conditions.

2. Do a good job in photovoltaic installation

Installation can not be arbitrary, the installation process of the power station should be southward, as the name implies, the power station faces south, so that it can fully accept the sun's illumination. The installation angle is theoretically equal to or close to the local latitude, and the arrangement and spacing need to be combined with the local sunshine and roof solar panel mounting structure dimensions.

3, choose a good device

Equipment components, inverters, and solar panel mounting brackets here. For mainstream inverter manufacturers, it is basically IP65 protection grade, with waterproof performance, but the long-term rain weather has a great impact on the equipment. If the selected PV products can't withstand the long-term rainwater, the power generation will not come up with the benefits. The brackets will be immersed in the water for a long time, how can it be rusted for 10 years, the steel will not be reduced for 20 years, and it will still have a certain degree for 25 years. The structural stability, which has special requirements for the material of the solar panel mounting bracket.

To sum up, if the power station is to continue and operate stably on a rainy day, it needs to be done according to the requirements in terms of design, installation and selection. In order to prevent the power station from being damaged due to rain and rain, doing these things will make you The photovoltaic power plant can easily get through the season of frequent rains, thus achieving higher returns.

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