Installation form of solar photovoltaic power generation system

- May 24, 2018 -

There are horizontal roofs, sloping roofs and photovoltaic roofs. The following are the following:

1) the horizontal roof

On the horizontal roof, the photovoltaic array can be installed at the best angle to obtain the maximum power generation, and the conventional crystalline silicon photovoltaic module can be used to reduce the cost of the component investment, and the economy is often relatively good. But the style of this installation is generally beautiful.

2) tilted roof

In the northern hemisphere, the roofs that are tilted to the south, Southeast, southwest, east or west are all suitable for installing PV arrays. On the tilted roof of the southward direction, it can be installed at the best angle or near the best angle to obtain larger power generation; the conventional crystal silicon photovoltaic components can be used, with good performance, low cost and therefore good economy. It has no conflict with the function of the building, and can be closely combined with the roof, and has beautiful appearance. The power generation performance of other roofs (Pian Zhengnan) is second to none.

3) photovoltaic lighting top

The transparent photovoltaic cell is used as the building component of the daylighting roof, which has beautiful appearance and meets the needs of light transmission. But the photovoltaic lighting top needs transparent components, and the component efficiency is low; in addition to power generation and transparency, the roof components should meet the requirements of certain mechanical, aesthetic, structural connection and other architectural requirements. The cost of components is high; the cost of generating electricity is high; the effect of green concept is brought about for building the social value of the building.

Facade installation side elevation installation mainly refers to the installation of PV modules in the south wall of the building, (for the northern hemisphere) east wall and west wall. For multi and high rise buildings, the wall is the outer surface with the largest contact area with the sunlight, and the vertical photovoltaic curtain wall of the photovoltaic curtain wall is a more common application form. According to the design requirements, transparent, translucent and ordinary transparent glass can be combined to create different building facades and indoor lighting effects. Double layer photovoltaic curtain wall, point supported photovoltaic curtain wall and unit type photovoltaic curtain wall are common forms of PV curtain wall installation. At present, the cost of the installation of the curtain wall is high, and the progress of the photovoltaic system is restricted by the overall progress of the building, and the output power is low due to the deviation of the optimum angle of installation of the photovoltaic array. In addition to photovoltaic glass curtain wall, photovoltaic facades, photovoltaic shades and so on can also be used for building facade installation.

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