Photovoltaic module and solar mounting bracket installation engineering guide

- Jul 26, 2018 -

1. Solar mounting brackets and components should be prepared as follows before installation.

1) Set up the unloading platform and personnel walkway at the corresponding position of each workshop, and lay a bulk material passage on the roof to avoid damage to the roof. Clean the roof drainage system to avoid the water flow in the rainy season, resulting in a loss than necessary.

2) Check the roof before construction. If the encounter and design are not in accordance with the design, design and design will be adjusted accordingly. The payout is measured according to the baseline position identified in the design drawing and the direction of the right angle of each square is controlled. Take the center of the roofing strip as the horizontal baseline and determine the position of the entire square according to the design drawings.

3) Calculate the design drawings, calculate the usage of the bracket rails, fittings and components in each area, and batch feed according to the number of areas and the construction process.

4) After the brackets and components are on site, check the outfit for damage without deformation. In case of damage, communicate with the purchasing personnel in time for worse handling.

5) After the brackets and components are transported to the roof according to the usage of each area, the personnel are arranged in time to be dispersed.

2, Solar mounting bracket and component installation

Solar mounting bracket installation:

According to the design drawings, the positioning and laying line are first carried out. The color steel roof is mainly the positioning of the fixture, and then the rail is installed. Pay attention to the spacing of the fixtures, the rails of the same row of components and the spacing of the adjacent two rows of component rails. The installation of the guide rails shall be carried out in the order of the rail joints at both ends of the middle section. After the guide rails are installed, check the level of each guide rail. The curvature of each span rail shall not exceed 1 mm. Accurate check of the position of the bracket after a set of brackets has been installed. Pay attention to the spacing between the front and rear rows, the distance from the wall in the design, and so on. Protection measures should be taken during lifting and handling to avoid personal injury and damage to existing buildings. In addition, when installing the bracket column, beam and guide rail, do not fasten the bolts in place at one time. After the brackets are all leveled straight, the bolts are all tightened.

Component installation:

After the component is opened out of the box, check:

a. Check the components from the side to see if they are damaged after unpacking. If there is any damage, notify the project department material staff in time and hand it to the material staff.

b. When transporting components, it is necessary to check whether the glass on the front and back of each component has chipping, cornering or cracking; check the junction box for degumming, loosening or falling off; check the photovoltaic cable and male and female head for deformation or damage. . If the above phenomenon occurs, the components should be properly placed aside. When placing, avoid secondary damage to the components. It is strictly forbidden to transport the damaged components to the construction site. At the same time of discovering the above problems, the project staff should be informed in time and handed over to the material staff.

PV module installation

a, solar panel installation

During the transportation process, the panel should be handled lightly, without strong impact and vibration, and should not be stressed; the installation of the panel should be installed from bottom to top, block by block, and must be handled gently during installation to avoid damage to the surface. Protect the glass; the panel installation must be horizontal and vertical, and the spacing between the panels in the same square should be the same; pay attention to the direction of the junction box of the panel.

b, the battery board is fixed

Bolt the assembly to the chain in the steel structure, add a double-puncture gasket between the battery board and the guide rail, put an intermediate clamp and a side clamp, and lock it with a nut.

c, battery board wiring

According to the design drawings, determine the wiring mode of the battery board; the wiring of the battery board should meet the requirements of the design drawings; the wiring should be provided by the manufacturer of the battery board. The wiring should be connected with the positive and negative poles to ensure correct wiring. After each string of battery boards is connected, check whether the open circuit voltage of the battery board string is correct. After the connection is correct, disconnect the wiring of one battery board to ensure the safe operation of the subsequent process.

d, square array wiring

The wiring of the component square array shall have measures such as support, fastening and protection. The conductors shall have appropriate margins, and the wiring shall conform to the provisions of the design drawings.

The joints connecting the wires shall be tinned, and the multi-strand wires shall be crimped to the terminals (nose). Each terminal shall allow a maximum of two core wires, and a gasket shall be added between the two core wires, and all the wiring screws shall be tightened.

After the square array components are finished, check whether the wiring is correct according to the construction drawing. The component wiring and square array lead cables should be fixed firmly and reliably. The square array wiring and inspection should be covered and locked all the junction box covers, the output of the square array. The end should have an obvious polarity mark and a numbered mark of the sub-matrix.

After each square is connected to the line, an electrician is responsible for the measurement to ensure that the current of the square matrix is turned on, and the voltage error of the adjacent two square arrays is 5V, and the current error is within 5%.

3. Grounding of the guide rail

The components, rails and fixtures should be reliably connected. The guide rails of each component square must be grounded with flat steel, bolted, and connected to the factory grounding system.

4, safety precautions

1. The lifting personnel must have a safety operation certificate issued by the Safety Production Supervision Bureau of the government agency.

2, lifting equipment must be within the validity period, after the equipment submitted for review.

3. On-site supervision and command must be carried out when lifting work.

4. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to stay and stack valuables within the lifting range.

5. Lifting work must check whether the hanging objects and slings are within the safe range.

6. A warning line must be set up during lifting operations to remind pedestrians and vehicles.

7. When carrying the bracket, pay attention to the construction line at the aisle to prevent tripping.

8, personnel are strictly prohibited to load the escalator, whether it is a ladder or inclined ladder, both hands must hold the hand.

9. The erection of scaffolding must be carried out in accordance with the scaffolding construction plan and can only be used after passing the test.

10. The waste materials are collected and stacked in a centralized manner, so that the work is completed, the materials are exhausted, and the site is cleared.

11. The moving parts on the roof must have a safe passage for the board. It is forbidden to use the tray instead, which is easy to cause roof damage.

12. The component lifting must be lifted by crane and not allowed to be manually transported to the roof.

13. Roofing garbage should be cleaned in time, and the sewer should not be blocked. No smoking is allowed in the factory.

14. On-site construction pay attention to cross-operation, and the tools should be installed in the kit as much as possible to prevent falling or injury to people or components.

15. Packing materials and pallets should be stacked in a designated place and no litter should be discarded.

16. Persons with poor physical condition are strictly forbidden to climb the work, and smoking is strictly prohibited on the spot.

17. The construction personnel must enter the gatekeeper to register, wear a helmet and a badge to enter the construction site. When walking, they must walk through the pedestrians. They must not go to the production plant without permission.

18, do a good job in thunderstorm season protection measures, and prepare necessary heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs for construction workers. Adjust the schedule, avoid the high temperature at noon, and ask someone to be responsible for logistics support.

5, emergency treatment

When the construction personnel are injured at the scene, such as skin trauma, on-site ambulance dressing; if the injury is serious, the injured person will now be moved to the rest place, notify the person in charge of the scene to deal with it, and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

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