Photovoltaic module and solar mounting bracket installation engineering guide for metal roof

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Color steel roof assembly arrangement

In the installation of photovoltaic power generation system, the roof distributed power generation system and the ground power station are installed in different forms. Xiaobian introduces you to the arrangement of components of the color steel roof:

The location of the former rooftop PV array:

1. Roof structure (fixed soalr mounting bracket to ensure waterproof).

2, the spacing, direction, size distance.

3, roof structure, component arrangement.

4. Avoid shadow obscuration.

Color steel roof structure

1. The color steel roof type is mainly divided into angular type, vertical locking type and ladder type structure.

2, color steel roof fixture form

Trapezoidal color steel roof installation form

Corner-type color steel roof installation form

Upright seam type color steel roof installation form

3, do a good job of waterproofing

When installing a PV system, first ensure that it is installed without damaging the roof. Roofs with waterproof layers need to avoid punching, and waterproof steel roofs need to use waterproof glue or rubber pads for punching.

The key points that need to pay attention to the arrangement of components

1. The orientation of the bracket and the ridge and roof panel

Solar mounting bracket keel and roof panel vertical

During the installation process, the PV support keel is perpendicular to the roof slope to reduce the sliding force.

Bracket keel along the slope direction (not recommended)

2, the length and width of the solar mounting brackets components

During installation, the component determines the length and width of the component according to the roof area. When the long side of the component is perpendicular to the keel, the cost of the bracket is saved. Reserve the width of the wireway during installation.

3, color steel roof load

Under normal circumstances, the photovoltaic power plant installed on the steel structure will increase the weight of 15 kilograms per square meter. The roof of the large-scale commercial enterprise will generally have the drawings of the original design institute. If we can obtain the drawings before the inspection, we can learn more about the roof structure and electrical structure. distributed. Check whether the roof load meets the installation requirements by drawing, check the design value of the constant load in the building design specification, and whether to add additional loads, such as pipes, hanging equipment, roofing attachments, etc., and determine the constant load, in addition to the roof weight. Is there a margin to install a PV power plant?

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