Are you really clear about the standard of solar racking?

- Aug 06, 2018 -

The roof solar panel mounting bracket is made of hot-dip galvanized carbon steel bracket, and the assembly is mounted on the aluminum alloy string by means of a back plate or a clamp. The fasteners are made of stainless steel. The bracket is designed to withstand wind resistance of 30 m / s, ensuring long-term outdoor use.

First, the material and performance requirements:

1. Material requirements: The main material of the selected steel solar mounting structure is Q235B, and the welding rod is E43 series electrode.

2, mechanical properties requirements: the selected steel structure of the main material tensile strength, elongation, yield point, cold bending test and other mechanical properties must comply with the "carbon structural steel" (GB/T700-2007) related Provisions.

3. Chemical composition requirements: The content of carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and other chemical elements of the selected steel structure main material shall comply with the relevant provisions of “Carbon Structural Steel” (GB/T700-2007).

Second, the rust removal method and rust removal level requirements:

1. The steel solar racking components shall be surface treated. The descaling method and the derusting grade shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standard “Corrosion grade and derusting grade of steel surface before painting” (GB8923-88).

2. Descaling method: steel components can be blasted by blasting or shot peening. If chemical rust removal is used, the treatment liquid with two or more functions of rust removal, phosphating and passivation should be used. It complies with the current national standard "General Technical Conditions for Multifunctional Steel Surface Treatment Fluids" (GB/T 12612-2005).

3. Descaling level: The derusting level should meet the Sa2 1/2 requirement.

Third, anti-corrosion requirements:

1. The steel component adopts the anti-corrosion method of metal protective layer. The steel solar mounting structure brackets are all hot-dip galvanized coating, and the hot-dip galvanizing shall meet the relevant requirements of the technical requirements and experimental methods for hot-dip galvanizing of metal-clad steel parts (GB/T13912-2002), galvanized layer The thickness is not less than 80?m.

2, galvanizing thickness detection: the thickness of the galvanized layer is tested according to the "Technical Requirements and Experimental Methods for Hot Dip Galvanizing Layer of Steel Covered Metal Parts".

3. Hot-dip galvanizing anti-deformation measures: Adopt a reasonable anti-deformation galvanizing scheme to prevent obvious deformation of the components after hot dip galvanizing.

Fourth, aluminum alloy material

1, material requirements: the material is generally selected 6061 or 6063.

2. Mechanical performance requirements: The quality, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the selected aluminum profiles must comply with the relevant provisions of GB5237.1.

3, the surface treatment must meet the technical requirements, in line with GB5237.2-2004 "aluminum alloy building profiles part 2: anodizing, colored profiles."

4. The appearance quality of the profile complies with the provisions of GB5237.2-2004. The surface of the profile should be neat and smooth, and no serious defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and air bubbles are allowed.

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