Types of photovoltaic intelligent agricultural greenhouses

- Nov 17, 2018 -

(1) Sun room photovoltaic greenhouse

This type of greenhouse has a high cost, but it has a large installed capacity, and there are many other optional auxiliary equipment that can be added. It can be built into a smart new type of agricultural greenhouse integrating sightseeing and ecological agriculture.

South side - power generation components and dedicated frame and steel frame flexible connection

North side - tempered glass on the roof

North and South sides - the facade is made of float glass

(2) Simple photovoltaic greenhouse

This type of greenhouse has a moderate cost and installed capacity, and there are not many smart devices that can be installed. It is an economical greenhouse.

Ceiling - hidden frame single slope lighting solar roof structure

Main solar mounting steel structure - steel truss form

Front and rear steel structure column foundation - reinforced concrete foundation

Ceiling support structure - primary and secondary beam arrangement

(3) Adding solar modules to the greenhouse

This type of greenhouse has a simple structure, low cost, small installed capacity, and basically no additional intelligent equipment, and is only used for photovoltaic power generation.

Ceiling - ordinary plastic film

Shed support - ordinary solar mounting aluminum bracket

PV Component support - steel tube bracket

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