Fixed photovoltaic support brackets

- Nov 18, 2018 -

The photovoltaic array does not rotate with changes in the angle of incidence of the sun, receiving solar radiation in a fixed manner. According to the inclination setting, it can be divided into: optimal inclination fixed type, inclined roof fixed type and inclined angle adjustable fixed type.

1. Best tilt fixed type:

Firstly, the best installation angle of the local area is calculated, and then all the arrays are fixedly installed with the inclination angle, and are currently widely used in flat roof roof power stations and ground power stations.

(1) Flat roof roof - concrete foundation solar mounting bracket

Advantages: good wind resistance, high reliability, and does not damage the waterproof structure of the roof.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to make a concrete foundation first and maintain sufficient strength to carry out subsequent bracket installation, and the construction period is longer.

(2) Flat roofing - concrete ballast solar panel support bracket

Advantages: The construction method of the concrete ballast bracket is simple, and the bracket can be installed at the same time when the weight is made, saving construction time.

Disadvantages: The concrete ballast support has relatively poor wind resistance. When designing the weight of the weight, it is necessary to fully consider the local maximum wind power.

(3) Ground power station - concrete foundation bracket

According to different basic forms, the cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation can be divided into cast-in-place concrete piles and cast anchors.

Advantages: The cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation has less earthwork, less concrete reinforcement, lower cost and faster construction speed.

Disadvantages: The construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation is subject to environmental factors such as seasons and weather, and the construction requirements are high. Once it is completed, it cannot be adjusted.

Independent and strip concrete foundation

Advantages: The independent and strip concrete foundation adopts the reinforcement extension foundation, the construction method is simple, the geological adaptability is strong, and the foundation embedding depth can be relatively shallow.

Disadvantages: The independent and strip-shaped concrete foundation engineering has a large amount of labor, requires a lot of labor, excavation and backfilling of the earth, long construction period, and great damage to the environment.

Precast concrete hollow column foundation

The precast concrete hollow column foundation is widely used in power plants with poor geological conditions such as water-light complementary power stations and tidal flat power stations. At the same time, due to the basic height advantage, it is also used more for mountain power stations and agricultural light complementary power stations.

(4) Ground power station - metal pile bracket

Metal pile supports are also widely used in ground power stations, and can be mainly divided into spiral pile foundation supports and impact pile foundation supports.

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