What are the functions of photovoltaic stents?

- Sep 25, 2018 -

With the promotion of photovoltaic power generation, the knowledge of photovoltaic products is also necessary nowadays. Photovoltaic support blocks are an important part of many photovoltaic products. What are the functions of photovoltaic solar panel mounting brackets support blocks?
Regarding the setting of photovoltaic products, a stable PV solar panel mounting support structure is the biggest demand, and the widespread use of photovoltaic PV solar brackets supports has become an indispensable part of photovoltaic products. However, in order to obtain stable performance, the photovoltaic bracket itself needs the support of accessories, and the side pressure block is an important auxiliary accessory.

Photovoltaic PV solar mounting bracket fittings are known as "crystalline silicon panel clamps", which are divided into medium pressure blocks and side pressure blocks. In the solar photovoltaic system, the crystalline silicon PV solar panel mounting clamp is used to install and fix the solar panel. The specification of the photovoltaic stent is determined by the size of the crystalline silicon panel. The photovoltaic solar panel mounting bracket clamp is fixedly connected with the special photovoltaic bolt, and the battery panel is firmly mounted on the photovoltaic bracket, and the wind resistance is particularly strong.
The role of photovoltaic PV solar mounting bracket fittings in the entire photovoltaic power generation system is as follows:
First, to fix the component bracket, prevent the bracket from being displaced, and ensure that the component is installed smoothly;

Second, according to the design scheme and load data, the reasonable use of the pressure block can meet the requirements of wind resistance, tensile strength and deformation;

Third, the pressure block is more flexible than the direct fixing bolt. Once it needs to be removed or displaced, the pressure block can be called quick and convenient construction;

Fourth, after the specification of the briquetting block is determined, it is easy to meet the design requirements during construction, and it is not easy to cause fluctuations in construction quality due to human factors.

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