Why do you want to snatch the rooftop PV

- May 24, 2018 -

Under the horn of the third industrial revolution, the once worthless roof turned into a steamed bun. "The roof has become a scarce resource, and this is not true because of the real estate media report," he said. In order to get quality roofs, merchants have turned the cities upside down. From Harbin to Hainan Island, from industrial plants, hypermarkets, stadiums to army barracks, why do we rush to install roof photovoltaic?

Reason 1: national policy promotes the prosperity of photovoltaic power generation market on the roof.

The roof PV industry has set off the cause of the "roof fight", from the great heat of the "third industrial revolution" since the second half of 2012 and the start of a number of distributed energy policies in China. At the end of September 2012, the long - brewed distributed generation was first turned into a red head file. The State Energy Bureau issued a "Notification on the demonstration area of the application of the application of the distributed photovoltaic power generation scale" to encourage the PV enterprises to actively declare the project of the distributed application demonstration area of the distributed rooftop photovoltaic power generation. Then the national Power Grid Corp also changed the hard work style of the past to new energy. At the end of October, it introduced the opinion on doing a good job in the work of distributed grid connected photovoltaic power generation. It expressed a series of measures to support the distributed grid of photovoltaic power generation. The Ministry of finance also launched the first and second batch of "golden sun demonstration workers". "Cheng", adopting financial subsidies to support the demonstration project of rooftop photovoltaic power generation, provinces and cities also generally give different degree of local subsidies on the basis of state subsidies.

Reason two: roof photovoltaic can achieve good economic benefits.

The high return enticement makes photovoltaic companies start to declare the project, and the premise is to find a roof for the construction of photovoltaic power system in the city, a photovoltaic power station can run for at least more than 20 years. Now carbon emissions trading, green electricity certificate transactions have been launched and tried, the future trading market slowly mature, the threshold will also be reduced, then the PV power owners can not only sell electricity, but also can "sell carbon" "sell green card" to obtain new income. A lot of people get good economic benefits, so more and more areas have installed a reliable rooftop photovoltaic project, adding a blue color to us, while roofing photovoltaic power has become a new way to get rich.

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