What kind of roof photovoltaic can show good economic benefits?

- May 24, 2018 -

First, large enterprises, high energy consumption, clear property plant roof photovoltaic.

Some state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and large listed companies and private enterprises roofs are regarded as the dominant rooftop photovoltaic resources. Such owners have stable operation and high energy consumption, long roof storage cycle, and can guarantee stable operation for 20 years, and are suitable for developing large rooftop photovoltaic power stations with megawatts.

Two, the roof PV of the chain store

Some chain shopping malls have clear roof property rights, and roofing is also regarded as a high quality rooftop photovoltaic resource. Of course, sometimes photovoltaic power is a drop in the bucket for them. But they attach more importance to the concept of environmental protection behind green energy, and have a positive effect on corporate influence and shaping a good social image.

Three. The rooftop photovoltaic of the agricultural greenhouse

The combination of agriculture and photovoltaic power generation has become the focus of the development of the industry. PV modules lay on the roof of the greenhouse without occupying land resources, and can bring two benefits to users.

Four. Community roof photovoltaic

Community roof packaging as a whole, according to the "contract energy management" mode of development, this possibility is optimistic about many. However, it involves the ownership of the property rights of the residential roofs, the distribution of power generation income, the scheme of power generation use and so on. The residential rooftop photovoltaic is still a low-lying land for the distributed photovoltaic investment. Another major obstacle is that China's civilian electricity price is much lower than that of industrial and commercial electricity, which makes the investment return cycle of household photovoltaic power generation system longer.

Five. Rooftops with clear property rights such as residential buildings and villas.

In urban areas, one can often see single building buildings and villas. This kind of property right is clear. The mode of "spontaneous self use, surplus electricity Internet mode" has been favored by the vast majority of photovoltaic enterprises, and it is also regarded as a direct decision on the scale and direction of China's distributed future development.

To sum up, the above five kinds of roof photovoltaic resources development and utilization of the best shows good economic benefits, and found that the roof resources and the utilization of resources is a trend of the present.

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