PV Industry Profile

- Jun 21, 2018 -
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Photovoltaic industry, abbreviated as PV (photovoltaic). It is applicable to countries where there is plenty of national light and the distribution of light energy resources is relatively uniform. Compared with hydropower, wind power, and nuclear power, solar power does not have any emissions and noise, and its application technology is mature, safe, and reliable.
In addition to large-scale grid-connected power generation and off-grid applications, solar energy can also be stored in various ways such as pumping, superconducting, storage batteries, and hydrogen production. Solar energy storage can meet almost any future stable energy demand in most countries. Solar energy is the cleanest, safest, and most reliable energy source in the future. The developed countries are making solar energy development and utilization a major part of the energy revolution for a long time. The photovoltaic industry is increasingly becoming the world's next explosive industry after the IT and microelectronics industries. The best way to use solar energy is the photovoltaic conversion, which is to use the photovoltaic effect to make the solar light shine on the silicon material and generate electricity to generate electricity directly. The optoelectronic conversion industrial chain formed by the application and development of silicon materials is called “photovoltaic industry”, which includes production of high-purity polysilicon raw materials, production of solar cells, production of solar cell modules, production of solar racking and manufacturing of related production equipment.

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