Aluminum alloy bracket are widely used

- May 24, 2018 -

PV bracket steel is a special support for solar panels in the solar photovoltaic system. It is widely used in civil and industrial solar photovoltaic and solar power stations. The primary materials are: aluminum alloy, stainless steel and iron.

There are hot dipped galvanized steel frame, stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy bracket used at present, and the solar cell components are usually installed outside, so the support will have the problems of sun and rain, corrosion, rust and salt damage.

At present, the types of photovoltaic scaffold used in China are divided into three types, type steel, aluminum alloy and concrete support. The primary use is divided into three types of environment, concrete support, mainly used in large projects and field, of course, there are some restrictions. The application of aluminum alloy support is more extensive. It is mainly used for civilian use, and the application scale is mainly characterized by light, beautiful and corrosion resistant support. The size of the steel support can be based on the small support and medium support, and the steel support is more widely used.

PV rack merchandise fell more or less, while the rise and fall of the rising commodities were also between 1%--2%. The largest decline in stainless steel plates fluctuate to -11.81%. The traditional cold season of the photovoltaic scaffold has come, the needs of the downstream profession and the excess capacity of the photovoltaic scaffold industry are overcapacity, because the international economy is so deep in the mire that the economic downward pressure of the domestic economy is large, and there is no trace of stability and change in the downlink of the real economy.

Although there are frequent fires in the photovoltaic market at home and abroad, all the occupations are still on the road of relatively stable development. The fundamental reason is that the increase in the efficiency of over seeking and the lack of perfect professional structure will undoubtedly lead to the difficulty of hot dip galvanized C steel photovoltaic support industry. The promotion of technological upgrading, the use of goods and the scope of use has become indispensable to the development of China's hot dip galvanized C steel photovoltaic support industry.

As far as China's photovoltaic scaffold is concerned, the United States and the European Union have carried out a "double counter" survey on China's photovoltaic commodities, and now there are Australian anti-dumping cases. According to the leakage, Japan or China will "double counter" on China's photovoltaic commodities, and later can lead to imitation of other countries. And China's photovoltaic support companies to do is to discuss the challenges facing the company, and support the development of industry as a breakthrough by scientific and technological innovation, enhance mutual learning and deep communication, set up more strategic cooperative relations, and jointly open up the market.

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