The current situation of the development of the market industry of solar energy bracket

- May 24, 2018 -

In recent years, the user's understanding of the solar energy bracket has been greatly improved, the shape of the solar energy bracket can be very complex, the production equipment and technology are simple, the one-time investment is small, the horse is fast, the organization is flexible, the length, width and thickness are optional, and the first quantity is not limited; the product surface is smooth and the dimensional precision is high. With the same shape and size of the same section, the metal 15-50% can be saved, although the unit price is higher than the hot rolled section, but the cost of the project is still lower than the common material. These characteristics determine his strong vitality, and the solar energy support will be welcomed by the various industries and departments of the national name economy. It is an irresistible trend that the large market of hot rolled steel will be replaced by solar powered scaffolds.

The market of solar energy support in China has great potential and broad prospects, but the focus should be on the development of new technology, high quality, high value-added solar support and the research of process technology in the field of cold bending production. The development, development, introduction and digestion of new technology and equipment, including the softness of the international front technology level.  Cold bending units and so on, and do not rush to rush ahead, engage in low-level duplication of construction. How to seize this opportunity to make the solar energy support industry healthier and more effective is a problem worth thinking about. We should plan from five aspects, one is to develop the market of solar energy support according to the national conditions of our country, and the two is to set up a set of complete and advanced standard system for the support of Tai Yang, and three to improve the equipment technology. The four is to improve the level of technology management; the five is to guide the rationalization of the development of solar powered support in China.

Because of the rapid development of China's steel industry, especially the ratio of strip and strip to 41.46%, it has provided sufficient raw materials for the development of solar energy support, and the increase of the quantity of plate and strip will inevitably promote the development of the deep processing industry. In its application field, the advantages of the solar energy support are more and more recognized by the users. It belongs to the efficient steel section of the economic section, and can save the metal 15-30%, the investment is less, the production is flexible, it can meet the requirements of the users, and it shows its unique superiority in the development of the personalized market. The widespread adoption of solar powered scaffolds to replace hot rolled profiles and other varieties has become an irresistible trend.

Nowadays, the number of solar powered support materials used in China's stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high strength and super high low alloy steel is very small, and the demand entrance is very small. At present, there are few such solar powered scaffolds. Many products are still vacant, and some can only rely on the entrance to supplement them. For example, the annual consumption of galvanized solar powered supports for luxury buses is at least a few thousand tons, and now the import products are mainly adopted, and the demand continues to rise. The development of the solar energy support industry in China also has problems such as the unsolved system problem, the competition in the market competition, the negative effect of less cooperation, the lack of market development, the backwardness of technical equipment and the unmatching of the units, which have restricted the healthy development of the solar energy support industry in China.

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