Normal solar grounding method --Inverter side grounding & distribution box side grounding

- Dec 02, 2018 -

Firstly, the inverter side is grounded

01 work location

The general working site (PE end) is connected to the PE row in the distribution box and then grounded through the distribution box.

02 protective grounding

There is a grounding hole on the right side of the inverter body, and the grounding is repeated to protect the safety of the inverter and the operator.

Inverter protection grounding of the inverter can be used alone or with the distribution box (usually)

Second, the distribution box side solar grounding

01 lightning protection grounding

The lightning protection on the AC side usually consists of a fuse or circuit breaker and a lightning surge protector. The primary protection is used to sense lightning or direct lightning strikes or other transient overvoltage surges. The lower end of the SPD is connected to the grounding bar of the distribution box. on.

02 box grounding

According to the “Building Electrical Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification” 6.1.1 Cabinet, screen, workbench, metal frame and base steel of the box and plate must be grounded (PE) or reliably connected to zero (PEN); can be opened with electrical appliances, The door bare braided copper wire is connected to the ground terminal of the frame and has a mark.

Cabinets for cabinet doors and distribution boxes should be connected to each other to ensure reliable grounding.

All grounding wires of the equipment in the distribution box must be connected to the PE row and then taken out by the PE row.

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