Normal solar grounding method--PV module side grounding

- Dec 01, 2018 -

01 Solar frame grounding

Many people think that the components and the solar mounting suppbrackets are all metal bodies, and they are in direct contact with the conduction. As long as the grounding treatment of the bracket is done, there is no need to make components. In fact, the aluminum frame of the component and the galvanized solar panel mounting bracket or the aluminum alloy solar support bracket are coated, which can not meet the grounding requirements. Only when the grounding hole of the component is connected to the bracket, the component is effectively grounded.

In general, the grounding holes of the components are used for the connection between the strings, and the component grounding holes at both ends of the string are connected to the metal brackets.

Another point is that the component has aging problems, which may cause excessive leakage current or low insulation resistance to ground. If the frame is not grounded, after several years, the inverter is likely to report the corresponding failure and the system cannot generate electricity normally.

02 Solar mounting bracket grounding

For the grounding of the components, 40*4mm flat steel or φ10 or φ12 round steel is generally used, and the grounding resistance of the PV module is required to be no more than 4Ω. Use a drag reducing agent or choose a place with a low soil rate.

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