The same PV solar components Why are there more snow in the snow?

- Jan 18, 2019 -

1. The same project, the same solar mounting components, the same solar mounting supports, why are there more snow in the snow?

A: The snow that is wrapped in the wind when it is snowing may cause this situation due to the different dust distribution on the component panel.

2. Inverter monitoring shows that there is electricity all the way, and there is no electricity all the way. What is the reason? How many possibilities?

A: Virtual connection or inverter internal circuit.

You can replace the two sets of DC line pairs. If there is a problem corresponding to this group of lines, check the string of this group of lines. If the scene cannot be solved, you can directly contact the after-sales processing.

3. What effect does a photovoltaic system have on a whole system?

A: The most direct impact is the reduction in power generation across the system.

4, 22 250w boards, plus 2 260w boards? (260w when used for 250w, 22+2, open circuit voltage is lower than 1000v, regardless of the small loss of economic value)

A: The output iv characteristics of the board are different, which will affect the performance of the board. It is best not to

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